God Loves you Unconditionally

07.31.18 | Love | by Anonymous ..

    The fact that God’s love for me is completely unconditional really fascinates me. I mean I’ve always known that he loves me and I have said a million times that His love is unconditional but I never really sat down to think what that really meant.

    This got me thinking about so many things and revealed to me another side of God I had never seen or really thought about before.  

    Would He allow curses (whether generational or otherwise) stick on someone he loves unconditional? “Of course he would never”.

    My first child was conceived out of wedlock and though I did not think that happened because of something I did, some part of me thought that it was a generational curse (Sins of the Fathers). Why? My Grand Father had children out of wedlock, some of his children; my father included had children out of wedlock, in fact my immediate older sister conceived her first child out of wedlock as well, and so naturally I thought that maybe my children will bear the consequences of this “curse”.

    The Bible clearly says that “We have been redeemed from the curse of the Law”. The phrase ‘Unconditional Love’ from this book got me asking myself a few questions. 

    • Who redeemed us from the curse of the law? JESUS.
    • How did He do it? By dying for us
    • Why did he die? Because he LOVES 

    Because of this sacrificial LOVE of Jesus, because of God’s unconditional LOVE, I am confident that my children will not suffer for any sin their fore fathers committed.

    Why would anyone waste his life to guarantee a promise he is not sure he can keep? Think about it……………….

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