Don't stop learning how to solve problems

07.18.19 | Articles | by Femi Ibikunle

    In the Bible, the book of Daniel is a good reminder of how important it is to have the aptitude for every kind of learning. Name the topic: it could be acquiring knowledge about spiritual principles, wealth management, project management, or a well-balanced lifestyle -- they all have a lot to do with our trajectory in life. Often times, how well-informed we are will determine how well we do in life. There is a ton of information out there about everything; Ecc 1:9b reminds us that there’s nothing new under the sun. A common fact is that our value on this earth is measured by our ability to solve problems. Good news is that for every problem, there is a solution! Question is, where do we source for it? This post focuses on why it is important to keep learning how to solve problems.



    Stay Prepared!

    Daniel went through a phase of preparation by training for 3 years before entering the king’s service (Dan 1:5b). Before attaining a position of responsibility, especially in a place of authority, the expectation is that you have been equipped with the applicable knowledge for you to deliver in your new-found role. Some qualities that set you up for a promotion and even higher responsibility are to thirst and strive to receive the necessary knowledge, qualifications, and experience, and to act on opportunities whenever they come.

    Daniel and his friends were questioned by the King and he found them ten times better than all other [learned] enchanters in his kingdom; these guys were on top of their game. We sometimes get a once in a lifetime opportunity to present to decision makers, and the window to demonstrate our value may be short but life-changing. Ensure you stay prepared for those opportunities instead of waiting for the opportunity to come before you start preparing. In fact, your season of preparation sometimes creates these opportunities. You will observe the sequence for Daniel was preparation (trained for 3 years), delivery (he spoke to the king), assessment (was found 10x better than his counterparts), and outcome (got selected into the King’s service). The cycle in the diagram below may occur daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. The take away here is that the foundation is being prepared by acquiring knowledge or training as needed in the path you are heading.



    Next question: If there’s a solution to every problem, how and where do we find it?


    The “How”

    The first step is acknowledging there’s a problem to be solved. Thereafter, you also need to admit there’s a solution. Once you have established it can be done, the next thing you have to work to solve it. From low-to-high complexity, this fundamental principle applies to solve a problem. “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you” (Matt 7:7) is a familiar scripture to many, but its applicability to solving problems might not be. Still using Daniel as a point of reference, when the king gave the order to execute the wise men of Babylon (that includes Daniel and his friends), Daniel and his companions sought compassion from God to deliver them, according to Dan  2:18. In verse 23 b AMP, Daniel specifically gave thanks to God for He made known to him what they asked. He mentioned, “For You have made known to us [the solution to] the king’s matter.” Remember, the “wise men” told the king there was not a man that could provide the solution to his problem due to its difficulty level. This principle to ask/seek/knock sounds very simple, yet extremely powerful. These are actionable words -- not just thoughts. You have to take the steps to get the results.


    The “Where”

    There are different degrees and variations of problems in life. This leads to limitless routes to find a solution, depending on what the problem is. However, the only dependable source for all problems is to first seek what God’s direction is about the next step you should take (scriptures for problem-solving). He is able to direct and reveal the step by step solutions to deliver you from every practical problem. Train your spirit to be sensitive to what God is saying daily. Simple, and yet powerful, ways to go about this is praying, studying the word, worship, demonstrating, & practicing what you are learning. I recently received instruction while praying to make an investment in a specific company. I started the process and did some research on the next steps I needed to take steps to make it happen. As of today, I have been able to gain returns of the investment that were enough to pay off debts that I have been carrying over for years. I need to also point out I have been specifically praying about getting out of debt and confessing the word about being a lender, not a debtor. The word of God is practical and real to those that believe, this is something I can personally testify to.


    Master Your Craft

    In Ex 31:4, Bezalel was a man filled with the Spirit of God, wisdom, and skill in understanding, in intelligence, in knowledge, and in all kinds of craftsmanship. He was described as “a master at his craft.” This guy was the “go-to” guy in his field, while Moses was seeking someone to make everything God requested. Whatever you are currently doing, ensure you are doing it to the best of your ability (Col 3:23). Your target should be to become the “go-to” person for people seeking solutions in your field.

    In conclusion, God is solving problems every moment of every day. We are made in His likeness (Gen 1:27), so problem-solving should be part of our daily exercise of growing in faith. The greatest problem, in my humble opinion, which God has solved, is the reconciliation between man and Himself through acknowledging Christ as your Savior. This is the foundation of finding out what next steps you need to take to discover solving other issues as they arise.

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