Our People

Pastor Femi Omotayo (Senior Pastor)


Pastor Olufemi Omotayo is a Philosophy graduate from the University of Lagos; after graduation he worked in public relations and Television Production.

He was ordained into the ministry in 1996 at the Redeemed Christian Church of God and has been directly involved in the planting of 6 churches on 3 continents.

He currently serves as the Senior Pastor of Jesus House, Dallas, a member of The Redeemed Christian Church of God (Please go to jesushousedallas.org or RCCGNA.org for more information about the church)

“PF” as he is fondly called, enjoys playing golf and watching comedies. He is married to Akudo Omotayo (Also an ordained pastor) and they have 2 daughters.


Pastor Akudo Omotayo (Co/Associate Pastor)


Estella, or A.K as her friends call her, is a minister of the gospel with a long history of service in the ministry, and has served in the RCCG as a Volunteer and Servant leader in various departments and parishes since 1992. She earned her Bachelors degree in Pharmacy from the University of Lagos, School of Medicine where she graduated top of her class. She is a teacher of the Word, who teaches with a strong, clear and practical voice. She has served side by side with her husband in the planting and establishing of 4 churches across 3 continents. Her experiences in this role give her a front-line perspective to the challenges that Pastors’ wives face in carrying out their assignment. 

Her passion for successful Christian Woman relationship has produced a very vibrant women’s ministry (LADIES ALIVE). She is also very passionate about music, and from 1996 until recently, served as a Praise & Worship leader. 

In addition to her service in the ministry, A.K also works full time as a Pharmacist with The Medical Center of McKinney.

Pastor A.K is married to PF, and they have two beautiful daughters, Dara and Dami.


Femi Ibikunle (Director of Assimilation)


The Assimilation System is responsible for taking people from their first visit to being fully developed members of the church.

At Jesus House Dallas, we don’t just
expect first-time guests to come back
without any intentional action from the church; We make sure we 
create environments that make them feel
comfortable and welcome by creating an environment 
that they will be eager to return to.


AJ Mbagwu (Director of Creative Expressions)


The Creative Expressions ministry is responsible for Utilizing artistic license to minister, inspire, entertain, teach and encourage the congregation through various forms of music, drama, dance etc as a tool for worship.


 Tosin L-A (Director of Engagement)


The Engagement System focuses on the core question, “How do we fill and reproduce small groups at our church?” Whether Male, Female, Married, Single, Food Lover, Sports Lover etc; we can all find a 'Small Group' to fit into and every church needs a specific plan in place for filling your current groups and multiplying new ones. How do you start groups that get off the ground quickly and then sustain their momentum? This is where the Engagement system comes into play.


Udeme Umana (Director,Volunteer Management)


The Volunteer Management System determines how we mobilize people for significant ministry at Jesus House Dallas. God created people to serve. It’s part of how they grow as disciples. If we don’t have a system in place that helps them get plugged in, you will be hurting both to the church and the potential, untapped leaders.

Lolade Akibola (Director, Financial Stewardship)


Responsible for managing the acquisition and strategic deployment of financial resources in a way that support's the church's mission and objectives; as well as maximizes the utilization of giving opportunities.


Lanre Abu (Director of Operations)


Church Operations serves as the evaluation tool that ties them all church functions together.

It gives us the opportunity and means to make sure that we are constantly improving, rather than living by the status quo. Strategy has a bad wrap, but without it, we continue to re-invent the wheel week after week, month after month and year after year. A well-thought-out strategy will help you become more faithful and fruitful in every area of your ministry.

The Operations System makes sure that you are continually evaluating and improving all of the other systems by contributing to the support ministries of Jesus House Dallas and  by providing administrative oversight of the, properties management, Service management, security and support of all church staff.


Ona Anosike (Administrative Assistant)


The Church Administrative Assistant serves under the direct supervision of the Operations Director, to manage all activities of the main church office and perform administrative duties related to the church’s operation.

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